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Air Duct Cleaning San Fernando
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The greatest tips to cleaning your home’s air duct system – unmasked! Check them out here.

Best way to save energy

Air duct cleaning is not an easy process but it doesn't place every day and improves spectacularly the indoor air. During condenser unit cleaning, leaves and dirt will be removed and the unit will breather better but air duct seal repair would even make a greater difference. When cracks on air ducts are sealed properly, you can save up to 30% of energy.

Condensate pan drains accordingly

Remember that the presence of a substantial amount of standing water can be a cause of a problem which may require immediate solution later on. To solve this problem, check the insulation area, especially the ones near the cooling coils, and make sure that wet spots cannot be found.

Don't tape ducts

Some people find it easier to tape the air duct joints but this isn't the best method to ensure they're sealed properly say the experts of our company in San Fernando. If you insist on using tape, prefer heat-approved ones. For small holes, it's better to use duct mastic.

Clean the restaurant exhaust hood

Cleaning the dryer vent kitchen exhaust hood is extremely significant especially at restaurants. Otherwise, over-concentrated grease at the walls of the vents will clog the system and air circulation will be blocked. Air Duct Cleaning San Fernando recommends restaurant dryer vent cleaning regularly to avoid problems with the exhaust system and bad odors coming from the grease.

Use the proper products

Our experts recommend using only tried and tested products for air quality control. With the Internet, bogus products can appear to be real and effective online. However, consumers should be careful with choices with air quality maintenance at home. When it comes to air quality and your health, choose only the trusted brands.

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