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Discover the common air duct questions often asked by residential and commercial owners. Below are the answers. Find out how you can save money by keeping the ducts clean and well-sealed. Learn the importance of cleaning ducts during maintenance.

How can air duct cleaning save money?

Cleaning will remove any accumulation of dirt and debris which may be compromising the energy efficiency of your system. Recent research by the EPA has documented that cleaning up to half an inch of debris accumulation from within your HVAC system can actually result in a decreased energy need of almost twenty one percent. This provides long term savings of at least a fifth off the cost of your energy bill, creating amazing money saving value.

Why is cleaning a necessary component of maintenance?

Allowing dirt and debris to accumulate within your HVAC system can actually contribute to breakdown and system failures. Air Duct Cleaning San Fernando advises that cleaning is an essential component of maintenance since it can completely clear this accumulation. Regular cleaning has been shown to prolong the lifespan of HVAC equipment and can save you a great deal of money and frustration by reducing the risk of breakdowns.  In addition to maintenance, cleaning can also drastically improve your air quality.

What is the air duct coating repair?

It is the procedure related to the insulation of the air ducts. HVAC systems would produce good indoor temperatures only when air is not lost in the way of transference and, in this case, air duct seal repair will be required, but temperatures can also be determined by the good insulation of the ducts according to Air Duct Cleaning San Fernando. Air duct coating repair would ensure that ducts are protected by the right insulation materials.

How can I tell if the HVAC needs cleaning already?

According to our experts, a simple visual inspection should be able to let you know if the HVAC unit is already too dirty. If you see dirt buildups and grime around the areas of the system, then it must mean that it’s due for cleaning.

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